• Health Allround

    599 kr eks. mva
    749 kr inkl. mva
  • Health Lime PRO Allround (MD)

    599 kr eks. mva
    749 kr inkl. mva
  • Health Sprint PRO 155

    599 kr eks. mva
    749 kr inkl. mva


  • Kastsko Polanik (kule/diskos/slegge)

    759 kr eks. mva
    949 kr inkl. mva

    Throwing shoes (hammer, discus, shot put) Professional throwing shoes, universal.  Engineered to work with both the glide and spin techniques. Upper made of cow leather 2 forefoot straps enhances lockdown for optimal power transfer and prevents foot from moving inside Sole made of rubber which guarantees comfort during the throw phase What is your size? size…

  • Nike Air Zoom LJ Elite

    1 599 kr eks. mva
    1 999 kr inkl. mva

    Nike Zoom Long Jump 4 Track Spike SUPERB SUPPORT AND POWER AT TAKEOFF. The Unisex Nike Zoom Long Jump 4 Track Spike is a superior long jump spike with a lightweight, seamless upper and a responsive plate that optimizes power transfer for an exceptional takeoff. Forefoot plate allows the toes to splay for a natural…

  • Nike Rival SD

    959 kr eks. mva
    1 199 kr inkl. mva

    Nike Zoom SD LOCKED-DOWN FOR A COMFORTABLE LAUNCH. Whether rotating or gliding, Unisex Nike Zoom SD Throwing Shoe delivers a contoured support for elite-level performance. The no-sew upper provides seamless comfort while the midfoot strap and Flywire cables wrap under the arch, erasing internal movement as you’re preparing to launch. No-sew synthetic leather upper offers seamless…

  • Nike Triple Jump Elite 2

    1 399 kr eks. mva
    1 749 kr inkl. mva

    Nike Triple Jump Elite Track Spike LOCKED-DOWN FIT FOR TOP PERFORMANCE. The Unisex Nike Triple Jump Elite Running Shoe is a performance-oriented shoe that supports your foot with an adjustable closure system and a cushioned but firm midsole to prepare you for speed and power in the triple jump event. Midfoot closure system enhances lockdown…

  • Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 3 (spyd)

    1 599 kr eks. mva
    1 999 kr inkl. mva

    Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 3 THE ULTIMATE JAVELIN SHOE GETS EVEN BETTER. Low to the ground with a locked-in feel, the Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 3 is ready to compete thanks to a new design that’s built for complete stability and power transfer. Serious Stability Reduced height keeps you closer to the ground, while a…

  • Nike Zoom Rotational 6

    1 199 kr eks. mva
    1 499 kr inkl. mva

    Nike Zoom Rotational 6 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR AGGRESSIVE PERFORMANCE. Unisex Nike Zoom Rotational 6 Running Shoe delivers a fit that’s technically advanced for shot putters, hammer and discus throwers. The design is primed to erase internal movement and enhance stability, creating a premiere competition fit for executing rapid pivots. External heel counter delivers exceptional stability….

  • Pigger 13mm pyramide 20 stk.

    48 kr eks. mva
    60 kr inkl. mva

    Stålpigger i forskjellige størrelser og typer.