Fleksibilitetstest (Sit and reach)

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Fleksibilitetstest (Sit and reach)
Grei, enkel sak for å måle bevegelighet i forskjellige øvelser.

Product Description

A jump from a standing position in which the participant competes against their own height and weight. The Vertical Jump is an internationally recognised measurement of fitness testing leg strength to body weight ratio. The Sportshall event uses a magnetically held sliding scale, which is adjusted to the participant’s height before each jump. A simple but effective device for measuring jumping height relative to the height of the athlete. Can be fixed to any suitable vertical surface. Can be used in the horizontal position on a table mounting as a flexibility test. Complete with laminated activity card primary age use.

As a guide for setting the height the Vertical Jump should be attached to the wall. Please note this is for guidance only.

Primary School 1.60 metres from the floor to the bottom screw

Secondary School 1.80 metres from the floor to the bottom screw